WhatsApp Chat For Squarespace

October 20, 2020

 Existing solutions

Most of the existing solutions felt too complex for squarespace crowd cause they make them copy paste 100's of lines of JavaScript snippet. Squarespace itself is a simple platform but the add-ons treated the user-base like software developers.

New Solution

I decided to build a micro app focused on doing one and only one thing - let squarespace users add whatsApp chat in easiest possible manner. So I created an easy to use theming tool within it so users can customise the WhatsApp widget and right away preview how it going to look and feel.


and once you are satisfied with your design all you need to do is copy paste two lines of code in header of a Squarespace store.

Overall picture

The market already has lot of existing solution thus the problem already exists. I am not here out for market validation but rather market reachability and thus my next step in coming days is doing some SEO.