Add live chat support to Squarespace. But why?

November 01, 2020

Let's look deeply inside why in the customer-first era support needs to be a necessity and not a luxury.

Customers are becoming much more impatient

Long gone are the days when a customer would patiently wait for the support team to contact. Customers now want the support at any time of the day they feel the need. Failure to provide customer support doesn't make them give you a second chance, it just makes them switch to the next alternative. Businesses cannot truly understand the need for adding live support until they don't realize one negative customer support experience is all it takes to hamper future sales.

Customers need good experience to return

When customers feel satisfied with service and support, it's not just the current transaction that benefits from it but also future transactions. Good customer service often makes the customer return to your store for future purchases. How good is that a single action leading to a ripple effect? This factor is an advantage cause acquiring new customers very hard in today's era since the customer is provided with abundant choices and in such times providing support and building trust is a competitive advantage.

Customers need to feel valued

Every time a customer has issues, showing them a way towards support forums doesn't make them feel valued. Understandably, business sales are a process, but customers don't want to feel like part of a mechanical process. Having live chat support integrated into your Squarespace store gives them immediate access to a human, making them feel understood.

Customers are talking about their experience out loud

The experience of customers purchasing things from your store no more stays at the store. The customer often talks about their experiences on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, especially if it has been either too good or too bad. Your customers have a voice that can be heard louder than ever due to social media, thus the neutral ground of silent customers is shrinking.