Setting Up Squarespace Member Areas: Review

December 05, 2020

1. Click on Settings ➡️ Member Areas ➡️ Create Member Area.


2. Create Squarespace Member Area.


3. Configure member area.


4. Drop Content in the Membership section you just created.

Now all the content in this section will be member exclusive


Your membership is now ready in just 4 steps 🙂 -


The Good

Despite the ease of use you still get to control

  • How much to charge
  • How often to charge
  • What goes behind the paywall and what doesn't

The Bad


Squarespace Member Areas is seamless solution to create membership sites. But I felt the pricing is a bit too expensive cause if you need

  • multiple pricing tier
  • give option to pay monthly or anually for the same tier

you need to upgrade your plan from $10 to $20 🙁.

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