Squarespace store owners help your customers by live chat support

October 23, 2020

Your e-commerce site is great but that's just not enough

Your customer lands on your sleek designed squarespace store browsing through the products. But along with all the hype to shop around they also have the skepticism in their mind which needs to cleared. With users navigating multiple online stores from which one should they really build better expectations. It's time for store owners to rethink is having a sleek design and great products enough to build a loyal customer base ?

Time to play by the small town rules

The internet era is bringing the small town rules back. Store's cannot be faceless anymore, they need to follow the small town rules where customer and store owners have almost know each other personally. The customers need to feel to trusted and make no mistake Trust is a feature in today's competitive era.

So how does SalesJump helps in this ?


SalesJump allows users to integrate WhatsApp chat in squarespace store with their actual picture and the ability to chat to the store owner for any query to build the bridge of trust, our chat feature can allow to convert hype of shopping into actionable purchase since they know you are there for support and service.

Do not fear of the widget damaging your user experience


SalesJump provides store owners a comprehensive designer tool to so you can change nearly every color of the widget so it can gently melt with the store's user experience.

So don't wait and sign up for SalesJump today 🙂